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Bobby Freemont
After sitting down with Bobby Freemont, we got to learn a few interesting things about him. This independent artist from Toronto got his start as a producer at the young age of 15! Spending a large portion of his time in the studio, he was not only surrounded by creativity, but he was also figuratively stretching his own creative legs as a cowriter.

Needless to say, Bobby fell in love with the creative process and wanted to write songs himself. Here we are today, where he can proudly call himself a singer, songwriter, and producer. Being that he’s both creative and ambitious, he’s looking to add to that list of titles as he continues to discover new ways that he can create.

When asked why he chose music, especially since it’s infamous for being a difficult field, Bobby revealed that he never felt like there was much of a choice. Music has played an important role in his life since he was a kid, being influenced by the hip-hop that his older brother was listening to. His dad, however, was fonder of classic rock and one day took Bobby to a music store to expose him to it, or at least anything other than rap.

As a large music figure, Bob Marley is known by most and has had an influence on some genres, but he also had a huge impact on Bobby, especially after that trip to the music store where he bought his first Bob Marley record.

Bobby credits producers like DJ Premier and Pete Rock for his desire to want to learn how to create beats. With all that influence and his passion for music, it’s not too surprising that, when asked how he would describe his music in 3 words, he was quick to answer with “Made from love”.

Although a lot of artists have a strict creative process that they refuse to deviate from, that is not the case with Bobby. As he continues to work on his art, he recognizes that his process is ever-changing. Now that he is surrounded by other talented artists, his process has changed as he has now started to work with other producers in the studio.

Even those who now wear multiple hats still deal with imposter syndrome, the same way that a part of Bobby’s brain was telling him that he should stay in his lane as a producer rather than stretching into other areas of music. Having his friends get involved, he was able to gain confidence and continue to make more connections. Sometimes, it’s easier to believe in yourself when other people believe in you first.

Bobby suggests that when the devil and angel appear on your shoulders, discouraging you and encouraging you respectively, you have to tune out the devil, as hard as it may be. Another major part of success is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into new and uncomfortable places so that you have the ability to spread your wings. Getting too comfortable and settling can be a dangerous trap that will push you into a place where you accept what you’re comfortable with, even if you grow to hate it.

When you’re creating a living from your passion, the best way to stay interested is to try new things and let yourself break free from the mold, and think outside of the box. Defining success can look different based on who you’re speaking to but being able to love what you’re doing and develop new skills while improving preexisting ones certainly sounds like some version of success.

Starting from the first song that he has released independently as Bobby Freemont, his music was supported by at least one successful artist, Ruby Waters. Being able to have support from someone who was in such a different part of their musical career is a rare experience. That experience alone holds huge importance toBobby. Being able to then feature her on this song was understandably a core moment in Bobby’s career.

As he goes off to continue to create in love and follow his passions, we’re excited to see what comes next for Bobby Freemont.