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1. FOLLOW US - Follow @goodxstudios AND @goodxandrew
2. SHARE – Share one of our photos promoting the giveaway to your story
3. TAG – In the comments, tag three (3) friends or artists that should hop on this opportunity.
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Giveaway valid only to those who follow these rules and anyone who fails to follow the rules cannot be announced as the winner.  Multiple entries per person is not allowed and will automatically disqualify participant. Tagging more friends than 3 in the comments will result in extra entries.  Music video package worth $5,000 includes a PERFORMANCE half-day shoot (4 hours) with 2 cameras in LOS ANGELES CA and LOS ANGELES CA only. If winner is outside of the vicinity of LOS ANGELOS CA they are responsible for travel.  A music video can still be created without artist on location with a half day shoot.  SHOOT date will be determined with artist, but winning artist must accept the giveaway within 24 hours of giveaway ending (June 17th, 20228pm Pacific time) at least 1 month of planning prior to desired shoot date is required. The shoot must be planned within 1 month of contest ending. Artist has the rest of the 2022 calendar year to plan and shoot the giveaway’s music video. Shoot will be on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) it is artist’s responsibility to be available when Good is available.  Goodxstudios is not responsible for props. Goodxstudios will provide $250 US towards a location rental if needed.  Extras or actors are not Good’s responsibility but will work or help with artist. The amount of extras will be determined by locations rules and agreements.  NO drugs or alcohol can be consumed on the shoot. NO nudity, NO extreme profanity, NO gang references, NO weapons of any kind. If artist fails to follow these rules in any capacity, Good has the rights to terminate agreement. All at Good’s discretion. We want to have a fun positive experience creating meaningful content for you! The giveaway includes a PERFORMANCE music video. No special effects, no story creation. 1 color pass and 2 edit revisions are allowed.  If you’ve read the small print so far congrats. You don’t win anything but, hey, congrats for being diligent!  Video will be released on all of Goods platforms, and only Goodxstudios YouTube can and will say “official music video” however the artist may also post the video on their socials if Good is tagged.  All rules and regulations are at the discretion of Good and Good reserves the right to deny service to an artist for any reason.   MINORS who enter must have a signed parent release form 48 hours after winning the contest. Release form will be sent within 24 hours of accepting the giveaway.  Talent release form for all involved with be signed on set prior to filming.  Good reserves the rights to all content produced for the shoot including but not limited to B-roll and behind the scenes photo and video and is free to use content on all platforms for promotional purposes.  This giveaway is not endorsed, administered, or sponsored byInstagram and is open to United States residents only. Winners will be chosen fairly and at random by third-party facilitator @popsmash on June 17, 2022 and notified within 24 hours via direct message from @goodxandrew OR @goodxstudios. If a winner does not claim their prize within 24 hours or if a minor doesn’t have a signed parent release form within 48 hours, they forfeit their entry and will be disqualified, and a new winner will be chosen.  These official rules and regulations may be changed at any time without notice by Good.