"The View from Halfway Down"
Jhariah and Henry D’arthenay
Inspired by the ever-changing nature of both himself and those around him, Jhariah believes that making music helps him stay in touch with what’s going on around him. Being that most people have something in their life, be it a hobby or a passion, that acts as a grounding force, it’s easy to see how the creation of art can help him tune into what matters most.

Frequently, people go through their lives, or at least portions of it, consumed by the idea that so many people are living the lives that they post online. Of course, the negative feelings that can come with this are a work of our subconscious because we know better when we actively think about it. We’ve all heard that social media is nothing but a highlights reel, but in the moment, it can be hard to remember that we can’t see the truth.

Having the talent and ability to create a musical work of art leaves the artist in a vulnerable position that forces them to take a look inside themselves. Fortunately for those who can consume his content, Jhariah’s talents also expand into animation and other artistic and creative mediums.

Not only does Jhariah strive to figure out exactly who he is, but he also hopes that his music and his creations will be able to help someone else figure out who they are on their confusing and lengthy path to discovering themselves.

Part of Jhariah’s inspiration comes from a previous music teacher that he had that wasn’t afraid to experiment with music to see where it would take him. Another major driving force for Jhariah was figuring out that he wanted to sing. Before these factors, stage fright, imposter syndrome, and a lack of wanting to be in the spotlight held him back.

Fortunately, he was able to push through his doubts and fears that once kept him from exploring what he truly wanted. He spent a lot of time working on his skills and his craft until those negative thoughts that were riddled with self-doubt faded into the background and it all became worth the risk.

That being said, it’s not surprising that one of the words that he would use to describe his creations is ‘ambitious’. Ambition is what has carried him to the point of pushing out of his comfort zone and into his passion.

Acknowledging that his instincts would have him stop sooner than he has in the past is a crucial part of his creation process. He doesn’t allow himself to be limited by the fear that he knows once held him back entirely, and he has since learned to push the limit. Each time he steps out of that box of comfort, he expands his craft and his abilities, which ties into the second word he would use to describe his music, being maximalist. Trying to throw in as many aspects of his art as possible to create something incredible and unique is the way that Jhariah chooses to approach the creative process.

Finally, he also describes the theatrical nature of his music in the sense that it’s a complicated creation with a lot of moving parts that work together to create the final spectacle. Putting his all into his creation is a method that he uses to not only make the best art that he can, but also to inspire others to put their all into whatever it is that they’re working on.

Although Jhariah is undoubtedly proud of all of his work and wouldn’t settle for anything less, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t parts of his work that speak to him more than the others. In his song The View from Halfway Down, he was able to take an idea that he had in his mind and see it come to fruition.

Putting all of the moving parts that he has mentioned together and making them all fit perfectly is a talent that is underestimated by a large number of people, but when you have the ambition and inspiration needed to do what you’re most passionate about, anything is possible. Jhariah is a huge advocate for everyone’s uniqueness being specific to them and a big believer in the idea that only you can go on your journey and get to where you’re supposed to go.