"People Pleaser"
Mia Nicolai
After sitting down with Mia Nicolai, we learned how something that started out as a form of therapy has grown into something more. Initially, she would play piano or guitar and just sing over it which would then help her understand what the true issue is and how she’s really feeling. Being able to create music like this helped Mia admit things to herself that she would otherwise try to deny.

The way that she expressed it to us was that if she initially thought that she was over someone and then wound up singing about that person and how she misses them, then she’d know the truth. This process is great for exposing how she really feels when she’s not thinking about the way she wants to feel or thinks that she should feel about a certain topic. Having this time to be uncensored and allowing herself to be vulnerable in the creative process is a healthy way to heal and continue to grow.

Early on in her experiences with music, she started playing violin at only three years old, but she had a unique way of performing early on. She would start by hiding behind a curtain and she would stay there until her parents announced her and applauded. Once she felt that her introduction and applause were satisfactory, she would come out, play a singular note and start the entire process over again.

That being said, it’s not surprising that she recalls being different than everyone else when she was a child. Unfortunately, especially when you’re young, being different is seen as being a bad thing and a lot of children in these situations are bullied. In a version of a coping method, children in this situation change who they are to only display what everyone else wants to see. Mia is no exception to this unfortunate reality of so many.

One of the worst parts of being a people pleaser is that who you really are, beyond the façade that you’ve developed, gets lost in the chaos and it can be hard to rediscover who that person truly is. Mia’s goal is to create music that has a powerful message for others.

When we asked Mia what her idea of success is, she informed us that accomplishing her goals are an important factor in her success. She would also like to put on really big shows and tour the world. Outside of having a lot of money being an indicator that she has achieved success, she’ll also know that she’s made it when she’s happy with the way that her life is and all other factors. Her success doesn’t mean as much to her if she can’t share her wealth, so she intends to help as many people as she can when she does achieve that success.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to remain authentic to who you are and worry about how you navigate life. Although there are major cities where artists go in order to achieve success, it can be important to stay away from these cities to avoid morphing into the same person that everyone else is. Being authentic is the way to make sure that you’re achieving the wholesome life that you deserve.

Now we know that we can expect authentic and wholesome noise from Mia both now and in the future as she continues to navigate through life now that she refuses to live her life as a people pleaser.